Learn More About BDEUS Pet Beds

Do dogs need beds?

Our dog beds provide dogs with both a comfortable and safe rest which makes them more enjoyable.

How to choose the right pet beds for my dogs/cats?

We recommend that smaller dogs and regular-sized cats use a Bolster pet bed, while the larger ones use a Flat pet bed with a pillow with is the most cost-effective approach.

Why are gel memory foam pet beds better than other materials?

Gel memory foam pet beds can hold a pet's shape over time as well as regulates temperature.

Why do dogs and cats need an orthopedic pet bed?

The pressure-relieving, egg-crate foam mattress offers extra support, for improved health & mobility. With the benefits of alignment support and motion isolation, the orthopedic pet beds provide a perfect environment for your pets to rest.

Are these orthopedic pet beds machine washable?

Yes, our orthopedic pet bed removeable covers can be washed repeatedly in the washing machine without deformation.

Can a cat use a dog bed?

Yes, cats can use smaller ones like Bolster dog beds.

Are these bolster pet beds chew proof?

Yes, our bolster pet beds are very strong and durable, and can be used for a long time.

Are these bolster pet beds odor resistant?

Yes, our pet bed covers are made of microfiber leather, a new kind of eco-friendly materials, and built to last long, which are flexible, tear-resistant, and breathable making them odor resistant.

Where should you put a dog bed?

You can put the dog bed anywhere, including your bedroom or living room. Our dog beds are very portable and easy to carry.

Do these memory foam pet beds offer calming/comforting effects for my dogs and cats?

Yes, the calming pet beds offers memory foam that provide your pets comfort with extra support, improved health and mobility.