Standard (20.98") with double support rodQueen (24.44") with single support rodKing (27.55") with single support rod
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Orthopedic Contour

Luxe Memory Foam

Removable Cover

4  features for the PILLOW


  1. SETORE contour Pillow with supporting cylindrical,Specially produced for those who like FIRM pillow.
  2. If you are not used to the Firm pillow, you can always extract the original supporting cylindrical.

#2 Washable Pillowcase and PILLOW CORE

  1. Easy to clean and long-term use.The breathable design on both sides of the pillow can better wick sweat and exhaust.SETORE believes that with our quality, we can accompany you for ten years or more!

#3 Wave Structure Design

  1. The wave design on the pillow surface reduces pressure to the face,Also distracts the pressure on the face, allows heat to move away from your head reducing temperature build up, and supports air to circulate for increased comfort.
  2.  It is arched and rounded in all the correct places to provide additional support,reduce neck pain and the incidence of snoring.

#4 Quality Certification-Healthy life.

What are differences

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