BDEUS endorsed by Cassie: We held Thanksgiving event together this year to donate for rescue pets

BDEUS endorsed by Cassie: We held Thanksgiving event together this year to donate for rescue pets

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away (we know, we can't believe it either). During this time of year, we start to focus on the things that make us grateful: our blessings, our loved ones, and our pets. It's also a time to try and do your part to help the less fortunate, paying it forward and making the whole world a little bit brighter.


Of course, it's no secret that 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. This Thanksgiving season, many more people are out of work, isolated from their family and friends, and generally feeling the weight of this year's struggles.


Additionally, tons of household pets are finding themselves without a family this year; the Humane Society of the United States estimates that 10 million pets will be displaced in the coming months, as renters are evicted, and families struggle to make ends meet in the economic fallout of the pandemic.


It breaks our hearts to think about what these animals must be feeling. They're scared, lonely, separated from their families for reasons they don't understand. While we may not be able to rescue all 10 million animals (trust us, we would if we could), we can do our part to help the organizations that take them in.


That's why this season, BDEUS is proud to be partnering with Cassie Rudolph and Big Love Animal Rescue to help our furry friends.

Cassie the "Cat Lady"

Most people know Cassie from her time spent on season 23 of The Bachelor. But of course, she is much more than a reality TV star. Cassie is a teacher, a graduate student (getting her Master's in speech pathology in 2021), and — perhaps most importantly — an animal lover.


The southern California beauty may have won over countless hearts while on the dating reality show, but it was her cat content on Instagram that caught our eyes.


Cassie is a self-proclaimed "cat lady." Her two cats, Goose and Mav, are simply too cute for words (seriously, check them out on her page), and she's willing to do anything to make sure her kitties always get the best of care. In fact, earlier this year, she helped care for newborn kittens, feeding them via syringe and caring for them like they were her own babies!


Cassie knows how important it is to treat your fur babies as a part of the family. They need love, safety, and comfort — which is why Cassie knows that BDEUS pet beds are ideal for your dogs and cats.

What Makes BDEUS Great


BDEUS beds are designed with your pets' needs in mind, offering orthopedic support and thick mattresses for the ultimate comfort and luxury. This is perfect for pet lovers like Cassie, who not only have two grown cats in her life but regularly fosters little kittens! No matter the age or breed of your animal, they'll feel like royalty in one of our beds!


Additionally, BDEUS is dedicated to using eco-friendly materials. All our dog beds are 100% recyclable, and we use BPA-free materials in both our beds and our packaging. You'll never see a BDEUS bed or shipping box in a landfill — and for a Californian like Cassie, whose beautiful state is clearly seeing the disastrous effects of climate change, this is a major issue.


Finally, BDEUS beds are just plain cute! As an influencer and TV personality, Cassie is always showing her followers and fans the latest trends online. She knows that these days, aesthetics are everything, and BDEUS beds are specially designed to suit your personal tastes. We've got a wide range of colors, fashion-forward designs, and even customization options so your pet can have their own one-of-a-kind bed.


This holiday season, we wanted to partner with Cassie so she could help us spread the word about our incredible pet beds. However, we also wanted to give back in a big way — and with Cassie's help, we found an organization that needs a little extra love.

Big Love Animal Rescue

Big Love Animal Rescue is an L.A.-based charity dedicated to helping stray animals find loving families. They rescue dogs and cats off the street and place them in foster homes, so the animals can get some love and affection while they wait for their forever families. Clearly, they have a big job on their hands; the LA Times reports that there are over 44,000 stray dogs alone on the streets of the city.


Big Love Animal Rescue knows that life on the street is dangerous for a pet. They also know that most shelters — well-intentioned though they may be — can be overworked and understaffed. This results in lonely, sad animals stuck in their crates all day, and that is no life for a dog or a cat!


When animals live with a foster family, they get love and affection that they'd otherwise miss. This can be hugely beneficial for the animal; a 2017 study from Maddie's Fund found that even one night in a foster home can significantly lower a dog's cortisol level — in other words, it makes them WAY less stressed!


By placing stray animals with foster families and keeping them there until they are adopted, Big Love Animal Rescue is giving these animals peace of mind. If you ask us that is worth more than gold.


Our Thanksgiving Gift

We know that this year's Thanksgiving will look different from almost every other one before. However, even in the midst of a pandemic, we can still take time to reach out and offer kindness to someone else — and that's what BDEUS plans to do.


How do we plan to give back during this time of giving? Easy — with a discount code for all of you!


Right now, if you buy any item in our store using Cassie's discount code — cassie30 — you will receive 30% off your purchase. On top of that, we will donate 5% of our profits from these sales to Big Love Animal Rescue!


The way we see it, this is a win for everyone. Customers get an incredible discount on any pet beds, pets across the country get a new, comfy place to sleep, and Big Love Animal Rescue gets extra funds to help even more stray cats and dogs.


This holiday season, help BDEUS and Cassie Randolph make a difference in the lives of a rescue dog or cat. With just a few clicks, you can help change the lives of countless animals — and if you use Cassie's code cassie30, you'll even save some money in the process.

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