Celebrity cooperation content

Celebrity cooperation content


Alex Silver-Fagan x BDEUS 


I am so honored to be teaming up with Kalis and my favorite pet bed @bdeus2020 to help rescue and care for stray animals during this holiday season.

So many animals are sadly suffering daily simply trying to survive.

In order to support animal shelters around the world, #bdeus will be donating 5% of their holiday sales to @biganimalrescue.

Use code ASF30 for 30% off of the highest quality eco-friendly pet bed with orthopedic support.

Shop for your babies while helping others too!




Ashley Brooke X BDEUS  


Dolly just got a new pet bed by @bdeus2020 and she loves it! I have to show it to you because you’re doing something really cool for the holidays! It’s a gel orthopedic bed that’s cooling...honestly it’s the Ritz Carlton of pet beds! This holiday season @bdeus2020 is donating 5% of all of their holiday sales to @bigloveanimalrescue which we just love because every pet deserves a happy life this holiday season. Use code “ashley30” if you’re looking for something fun for your favorite friend to put underneath your Christmas tree this holiday season. This is such a great gift that also gives back.


Becca Tobin X BDEUS


This is the BDEUS pet bed. It is so cute. It is eco-friendly,machine-washable and it's orthopedic support for your little furry friend which is why she's so cozy. We also love this brand because they give back and they are doing 5% of their holiday sales are going to big love animal rescue. And if companies that give back and also you can get 30% off right now for your pup. You can buy them use code becca 30.


Cassie Randolph X BDEUS


Axl just loves it when I wake him up from a nap to take photos with me :) Most of you probably know how obsessed I am with any and all things cat by now. Ive loved both fostering and foster failing


Its heartbreaking to think of all the animals that are alone without people to love them, or deprived of food, shelter, or care, which is why I think its so important to help out in as many ways as we can. Im so excited to be partnering with @bdeus2020 because this holiday season 5% of all of their proceeds will be going to @bigloveanimalrescue which is one of my favorite shelters!


BDEUS has this great, eco friendly, machine washable, cooling bed for pets that Axl and Rose (and me occasionally) are always sprawling out on. #bdeus #lovebdeus.


Jordan Ozuna X BDEUS


Pretty sure the dogs are going to be fighting over this amazing bed from @bdeus2020. They are donating 5% of all holiday sales to @bigloveanimalrescue to help give back to animals in need. Check out my story for 30% off yours. #bdeus, #lovebdeus


Keltie X BDEUS


Calle is a fan of her @bdeus2020 bed. Its machine washable, orthopedic quality, and eco-friendly. #bdeus #lovebdeus Shes always out here lounging @bdeus2020 @bdeus2020 is donating 5% of all holiday sales to @bigloveanimalrescue. So important to support all of the work @bigloveanimalrescue does for animals @bdeus2020 Swipe up and use code Keltie30 for 30% off @bdeus2020 #bdeus #lovebdeus



Sydne Summer X BDEUS


You've been following me for a while. You know I love animals. All my dogs are rescues and it makes me so sad that there's so many animals that need a forever home. So I teamed up with BDEUS who makes awesome pet beds because this holiday season they're generating 5 % of sales to big love animal rescues. So I listed my pet to show you why this can make a great holiday gift that also gives back.


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