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Adjustable Bed Bases

Bdeus Adjustable Bed Bases provide plenty of power and long-lasting durability— to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Luxury Adjustable Bed Base Frame


Wood Bed Frame

Bdeus Wood Bed Frame are easy to install without tools—Enjoy the new space quickly.

Green Platform Bed Frame


14 Inch Wood Bed Frame with Tool-Free Assembly


People Usually Ask

1. How much do bed frames usually cost?

On average, simple solid wood or metal bed frames cost around $200 to $300. However, this often doesn’t include a box spring or mattress foundation, which can add an additional $500+ to your price tag. 

Bdeus’s 4 unique bed frame-support system combos can fit a range of budgets, from $150 for our simplest foundation to our most luxurious upholstered design starting at $240. Adjustable bed frames cost anywhere from $350 to $1050 or more—Bdeus’s innovative design starts at just $450.

2. What is the best bed frame for me?

  • Everyone’s different! Your ideal bed size will depend on your lifestyle, how many people share the bed, the size of your bedroom, your bedroom decor, and your personal preferences. Here’s a basic guide to making the right choice:
  • Best bed frame for kids: Twin size bed frames are perfect for kids! They provide all the space your child needs, while leaving room for multiple beds or play areas.
  • Best bed frame for couples: Queen size bed frames are designed to comfortably fit two people. Queens are typically the best bed size for couples, but depending on how much you or your partner likes to move around, you might fare better with a king size bed frame. King bed frames and California kings are also great for people over six feet tall who need a few extra inches of length.
  • Best bed frame for small spaces: Full bed frames are slightly smaller than queen bed frames and fit better in smaller areas like apartments and guest bedrooms.
  • Best bed frame for a single adult: For single adults, full size bed frames provide plenty of room to sleep comfortably, while also leaving space in your bedroom for other furniture.

3. Do Bdeus bed frames require assembly?

The Bdeus bed frames require minimal assembly. All you need are two capable hands and about ten to fifteen minutes of assembly time.

4. How do you fit an entire platform bed into just one box?

Even our biggest items like platform beds are expertly engineered to fit in one box for delivery with our expert packaging technology.

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