Sandwich Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow
White Pillow*1
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Orthopedic Contour

Luxe Memory Foam

Removable Cover

4  features for the PILLOW

#1 Adjustable Design

  1. Custom pillows according to your way, 3 layers of memory foam stacked, the highest side is 5.11 inches, and the lower side is 4.33 inches.You can adjust and upgrade the height of the memorry foam pillow according to your suitable sleeping height.

#2 Material characteristics

  1. All material are chemical free for better health.Tencel can absorb and release sweat from the human body during sleep and return it to the nature.Tencel fabric can keep you cool all night.

#3 Ergonomic Design

  1. SETORE pillow is designed to protect the normal physiological curvature of the neck and maintain normal physiological activities during sleep. Adjusting to an appropriate height can completely relax the shoulder muscles, ease the understanding of the neck/back, and restore your vitality during sleep.

#4 Quality Certification-Healthy life.

What are differences

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